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We are worshipping both online and in-person.  Sign up is not currently required for Sunday worship.

Betrayed –  Lent is an opportunity for us to reflect on our lives and repent as we meditate on the cross of Christ. We will follow our Lord on his path to the cross through the eyes of those who sent him there. In doing so, we will realize that Judas was not the only one to betray Jesus, everyone did, including you and I.

Join us every Wednesday for worship
at 8:40am  and 7pm in person or online

Sign-Up will be required for Holy Week and Easter Worship. Please check back on March 31 for the sign-up links.

Youth Ministry

The youth ministries of St. Luke’s create an environment where students realize they belong to a God Who designed them, knows them, passionately loves them, and redeems them. Click here to learn more about our youth ministry. 

Sunday, January 31

Here’s Jesus – With Authority

Sunday, January 24

Jesus – Calling Us to Follow Him

Sunday, January 17

Jesus – From Nazareth

Worship – Use these scriptures to prepare your heart, soul and mind for worship.

Sunday, January 10

The Beloved Son

Advent and Christmas announced Ready or Not Here He Comes. Epiphany shouts: Here’s Jesus. From a humble baptism by John in the Jordan River to a glorious transfiguration Jesus is revealed to the world as humble, magnetic, powerful, and compassionate. Knowing Jesus is a lifelong adventure. 2021 will certainly have its share of triumphs and tragedies. The one, never changing constant is God’s love for us revealed in the birth, life, death, resurrection, ascension, and promised coming again in glory of his beloved Son.

As We Gather – In quick decisive strokes Mark paints a picture of our restoration. Heaven and earth meant to be together, but separated by sin and evil, are being brought back together. John announces it. Jesus accomplishes it. And God, the Father affirms it. Jesus steps up out of the water and heaven is torn open and the Spirit descends on him. Jesus is the Beloved Son, who brings us back into the presence of God in the water of our baptism by the power of the Holy Spirit. The adventure of another year of following Jesus begins today. Where will he lead us in 2021?

Sunday, January 3

Here He Comes to Show the Way