The church is one of the few places left in society where all living generations gather together regularly.   We now gather the wisdom and the wonder of multiple ages around God’s Word and have shifted our focus from information to transformation.  Instead of dropping off the kids and going separate ways, we provide a space for intergenerational learning. Sunday School for all Generations!
The Generations service blends worship, learning, and fellowship into a unified experience–for all ages!

When and Where?

Join us in Founders’ Hall at 9:30am for the Generations Worship Service. Immediately following worship, we transition to expand on the message in an interactive environment that will allow people of all ages and stages to encounter God, engage in faith conversations, serve one another and enjoy life together.

Family Generations Sunday School

Generations is a time for families to worship, learn and talk together. Your family will interact and connect with other families, grandparents, and other people who treasure an intergenerational atmosphere. Parents have been, are, and always will be the most important faith teachers, mentors, and role models a child will ever know. Period. We need a system where the church serves as a reinforcement, not a replacement, of the parents’ duties and role in faith formation.

St. Luke’s wants to walk alongside and empower your family as you connect to Christ and grow in your understanding of Him and how to live out your faith.

We also offer Faith Milestone Classes. Faith milestones have parents and children grow together in faith.

St. Luke's Lutheran School

We Believe in Opportunity The opportunity for every child to learn, grow and succeed.