174 quilts…that’s the number of handmade quilts the Piecemakers cut, design, sew, tie, bind, pack, and mail around the world in a year from their workroom at The Lutheran Haven!  I had the pleasure of touring their 16×20 ft space and ran my fingers over the warm, colorful works of art that are made and sent to neighbors in need.  Through natural disasters and humanitarian crises, these neighbors often live in makeshift homes like tents, huts, and temporary shelters. Their climates are often very cold and there is a shortage of blankets.  The quilts provide comfort, warmth, and shelter from the elements.

The Piecemakers production team is something to behold.  They’ve set up an assembly team that makes 3-4 quilts a day! The group of about 20 meet every Thursday for a few hours. They love bringing comfort and joy to people and enjoy their weekly fellowship and devotion time.

The Piecemakers hope to send off more quilts next February to Lutheran World Relief, who mail the quilts to neighbors in need. You’re welcome to come and see the Piecemakers operation at The Lutheran Haven Fellowship Hall in Oviedo, FL on Thursdays from 9-11am & 1-3pm. They’re always looking for good seamstresses, designers, & cutters. If you have fabrics to donate, they’ll gratefully take them and use them to make more quilts!

Who will your love reach next?