Here’s a God sighting from one of our Catalyst Small Groups. Enjoy!
We met Yvette, on 5/11 at our most recent Breakfast & Bingo event.  What a wonderful day.  For those of you who do not know, Brian and Bethany have become an active part of our Saturday morning service team.  We are most thankful; they have big hearts and helping hands.
They spent a good bit of time with Yvette, a Messianic Jew, raised in and out of many faiths.  She many degrees of cultural influence – from many broken relationships (family and friends).  She suffers much emotional and physical pain.  She is a joy-filled person; especially, during Bible Bingo.  She enjoys sharing her knowledge of the Bible and in learning more.  It was a lot of fun, and rewarding, to serve her; to get to know her.
As we were wrapping up our event, she came to me and asked me to pray.  Here is the funniest part – she called me pastor (imagine that one!).
After setting her straight on that, I asked a small group member, Tim Ray (one our our elders), to lead a group of us in prayer.  We laid hands on her and prayed over her.  Brian was with us.  Following prayer, she asked us if we knew where she could get a walker (she has a medical condition that makes walking very arduous and painful).  Brian immediately thought of reaching out to the Haven community.  He and Bethany set to action the next Monday morning – hooked up with Jeanne Wacker – and got a walker to her by Tuesday.  It was beautiful!  You would have thought we had bought her a Cadillac!
Brother and sisters, hear no “I” or “we” in this story, please.  God is amazing.  So is St. Luke’s.  We are thankful for your promoting, enabling, and encouraging us.  What a Blessed thing it is to be truly generous.  Yvette extends her gratitude and asks that we pray for her and all of the clients at the Samaritan Resource Center.