“Discover the Heart of God”  January – February 2024

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January 7th –  The Heart of a King. Discover the heart of God to lead and guide us, protect and nurture us. From the family of Judah, Jesus came as a king who leads like a shepherd. He is contrasted with King Herod, who ruled from a place of fear and a ruthless desire to remove any threat to his reign. Jesus reveals the heart of God to be a King who fulfills his Old Testament promises and will lead not with a heart of ambition, but a heart of protection and promise.

Weekly Awakening Question: How will the heart of King Jesus shape your life?

January 14th – The Heart to Know. Discover the heart of God to see, know, and understand you. He loves you, just as you are, but his love for you empowers you to live a life of transformation! It is amazing to consider that our King makes it a priority to know you deeply and personally. He cares for you, for every detail of your life. Jesus reveals the heart of God to know and love you and encourages and empowers you to know one another and care for one another in genuine and meaningful ways.

Weekly Awakening Q: Are you open to fully knowing another?

January 21st – Discover the Heart to Invite. Discover the heart of God to invite you to be a part of his mission to save the world! The invitation of Jesus to become fishers of men is one that brings great change. We no longer live for ourselves, but for the kingdom of God. How amazing it is that we have a God whose heart is to not only save you, but to partner with you in his mission to save others! As God has invited you, consider whom you might invite to be a part of this mission.

Weekly Awakening Q: How have you realized the joy of repenting and following Jesus?

January 28th – Discover the Heart of Authority. Discover the heart of God that not only wants what is best for you, but has all power and authority to work what is best for you! It is one thing to want to do what is right, but is is something else entirely to have the ability to carry it out. Wanting is simply not enough. Jesus is revealed to us as having the heart to do what is right along with the necessary authority to carry it out. Not even demons are beyond his power to control! Imagine what life would look like if you lived empowered by his authority!

Weekly Awakening Q:  What areas of life do you find yourself struggling to surrender to the authority of Jesus?

February 4th – The Heart to Heal. Discover the heart of God to bring healing to all kinds of brokenness. In a world that is sin-sick with physical disease, spiritual warfare, and a need for truth to be spoken, Jesus draws near. His heart is broken for his people struggling with sin and its effects in our lives. Jesus reveals himself as the great physician to heal sickness, remove the oppression of demons, and bring truth to one town after another. Considering the healing God has brought to you, your relationships, and your future, how might you share that healing with others?

Weekly Awakening: Is there a healing in your life that has you seeking a miracle and not the Messiah?

February 11th – Discover the Heart if God to display the fullness of his Glory! This season we have been exploring different facets of God’s heart. Jesus has given us examples of his heart of a king, to know us deeply, to invite us to share in his mission, his authority and power, and his ability to heal. This week, Jesus reveals the fullness of his glory and gives us a brief glimpse of his divine majesty. Our savior longs for us to know his heart and to share it with others.

Weekly Awakening Q: How does the revealing of Jesus’ divinity shed new light on your life?