Series Introduction

Jesus demonstrated a remarkable passion for people. Read the accounts of his life and you will discover he never lorded over people nor did he ever cower in fear, even from those who ultimately condemned and executed him. In this series we will continue our Jesus Adventure by watching Jesus interact with people from all walks of life.We will and discover his ability to enter into the lives of others and experience a transformation that will change our families, workplaces, neighborhoods and community.

Jesus Defeats Satan

Sunday, March 1 – The first encounter with Jesus is not human but demonic. When humans first encountered the fallen angel called Satan, God’s good creation collapsed in on itself. As a result, all of our human relationships are now filled fraught with selfishness and conflict that tears the fabric of families and society apart. But Jesus faced Satan in our place and defeated him once and for all on the cross. Although the ultimate victory is ours, Jesus’ confrontation in our lesson today opens our eyes to the battle that rages on until he comes again in glory. Come quickly, Lord Jesus!

Jesus and Nicodemus

Sunday, March 8 – The problem with religion is that our fallen human nature quickly turns it into a system of righteousness by which we attempt to justify ourselves through works before God. The result is a self-righteous hypocrisy that destroys faith in God’s grace and mercy as the only hope for humanity. Jesus would have nothing to do with it. Nicodemus, who should have known better (John 3:10), was confused by his encounter with Jesus that demanded he “must be born again” (John 3:7). True Gospel Christianity stands steadfast, “God so loved the world that he gave his only Son, that whoever believes in Jesus should not perish but have eternal life.”

Jesus and the Woman at the Well

Sunday, March 15 – From a high ranking leader of the Jewish community last week to an outcast Samaritan woman this week, Jesus reveals his remarkable passion for people. His encounter with the woman at the well speaks to his willingness to cross social and cultural barriers and in genuine curiosity engage her in a conversation. The Jesus Adventure invites us to cultivate friendships on the margins of our social and cultural safety zone, to see in every person an unrepeatable miracle of God for whom Jesus gave his life.

Jesus and the Man Born Blind

Sunday, March 22 – Jesus’ miracles are a glimpse of the New Heaven and the New Earth, the Kingdom of God, the world put right again. Some act as if what is wrong in this world is somehow inevitable or the fault of those who suffer. Others are concerned about political correctness and get angry with those who would shake things up to help those in need. Jesus’ encounter with the man born blind demonstrates God’s concern for those who are suffering and his determination to not let man made traditions take precedence over doing the right thing.

Jesus and Mary, Martha, and Lazarus

Sunday, March 29 – The death of a loved one rends the heart like no other experience we face. Jesus’ encounter with Martha addresses our intellectual struggle with death. Jesus’ encounter with Mary addresses the emotional devastation caused by death. Jesus’ encounter with Lazarus conquers death itself! We believe in “the resurrection of the body and the life everlasting” (Apostles’ Creed).