You have probably heard it said that Jesus and the Bible speak nearly as much about money, wealth and possessions as it does God Himself. Have you ever stopped to wonder why that is? I submit that God has a lot to say about our possessions because He knows that our ‘stuff’ gets in the way of our relationship with Him. Pastor Arp quotes John Calvin who once wrote that “the human heart is an idol making factory!” I submit that there is ample evidence in our world to support that statement. God knew that our hearts would be forever pulled towards our ‘stuff’ and away from Him, so His word has a lot to say.

How does knowing this impact fundraising? It has an impact when you realize that when you do fundraising, the following spiritual truths are at work:

  1. Fundraising isn’t (or at least it should not be) about getting money (at least not for the Christian organization that is). When you consider that Jesus Himself said that it is more blessed to give than to receive, He was alluding to the blessings and joy the giver receives by stepping out in faith and donating some of their ‘stuff’ to bless others. Giving should be an act/step of faith that is made by the donor in concert with how the Lord is leading them. Giving is first and foremost a spiritual decision. Therefore, when you ask a Christian for a donation, you are doing more than trying to check off a square, you are providing them with an eternal opportunity to build their relationship and trust with the Lord. It is this blessing that we as askers of funds should strive for. What do we want for the donor, not from them. When you approach your fundraising from this biblical viewpoint, you will see that your fundraising has an impact far into eternity itself.
  2. When you ask a Christian donor to support your cause, you are also providing an opportunity for God to be glorified through the donor’s act of faith. Have you ever considered that the request you made to a Christian company for an auction item or that letter you sent to a donor asking to support your class project was really an opportunity for the recipient to act in a way that would bring more glory to the Lord? It’s true. Fundraising, based on biblical principles does more than fulfill a need, it’s another opportunity for someone to praise God.

When you stop to consider the wider implications, the Bible puts on “fundraising,” you will discover that there is much more happening than a simple transaction. In fact, if that is all your engagement with the donor is, then you are missing the point. God is triune because that perfectly resembles His relational nature. Asking people to give a donation is first about your relationship to the donor than about how quickly can reach a dollar goal. There are truths that infuse the request process with a heavenly fragrance that offers praise to God and glorifies His name.