There’s a major difference between fundraising God’s way and fundraising like the world.

God’s Way

World’s Way

  • What do we (the asker) want FOR the donor?
  • What can we (the asker) GET FROM the donor?
  • The conversation/request is relationship focused
  • The conversation/request is transaction focused
  • A donor’s gift is a spiritual decision
  • Spirituality is not usually a factor
  • God already owns everything, we are just asking the donor to inquire where God wants His resources to end up.
  • The donor is seen as being a bank vault to be picked and plundered based on sales or guilt techniques designed to illicit a response.
  • We cannot out give God; therefore, we approach donors believing in His boundless generosity
  • We are in competition with other charities, and therefore, we must climb over them because resources are scarce.
  • It is OK if the donor says ‘no’ or ‘not right now’, because we trust that God will meet our needs.
  • Whatever you do as a fundraiser, don’t walk away from a request without a check or pledge.
  • Generosity (and the joy it brings) can and should be a visible hallmark of Christ follower…because He is generous. A donor’s giving is therefore all about glorifying God and expanding His Kingdom here on Earth.
  • Generosity is becoming rare and ‘big whale’ donors are even rarer. Protect your donors at all costs! Remember, ultimately you want the donor to feel good about themselves when they give.

How many times did you find yourself in each of the two columns?