The High School Youth Ministry is traveling to Charleston for the week. We’ll be serving with an organization called Group who has gone before us to identify the needs of the community, and we are coming to join what Jesus is already doing there.  Monday-Thursday we will be serving by visiting in Senior Living Facilities, helping to run VBS in local churches, and organizing and serving at local food banks and distribution centers. We would appreciate your prayers as we go. Feel free to use this guide to pray for our trip and the individuals on the trip as we go.

Blessing at the 8am service on the morning of their departure!

We’re not only going on a physical journey. We’re departing on a spiritual journey too. We serve so that our neighbors would benefit from it, but we hope to see how God works in our lives as well. 

As we prepare for this trip we don’t want it to be our mission, we want it to be God’s mission. One of the ways to ensure that happens is to constantly hand it over to God in prayer. Please keep us in prayer during our trip.

Day 1 – Our Father who art in heaven,

-Pray that we would recognize our role as children of God, and his role as our Loving Father.

Day 2 – Hallowed be thy name

-Ask that God would glorify himself in what we accomplish, and in what I accomplish on this trip. Pray that when people see my actions they would know that my God is Holy.

Day 3 – Thy Kingdom Come on Earth as it is in heaven

-Pray for God’s kingdom to come, not mine. Pray for hope, restoration, and redemption, to break into my life, and into this community. Pray for God to lead us to do the big things that we don’t realize need to be done yet.

Day 4 – Give us this day our daily bread

-Pray that we are provided for in body and soul with God’s word, food shelter, and that the logistics of this trip run smoothly. Pray that God would protect us from any injuries.

Day 5 – Forgive us our Trespasses as we forgive those who trespass against us.

-Ask God for forgiveness for what you have done and what I have done. Ask that God would continue to lead me, and our ministry to model repentant lives for those we serve.

Day 6 – Lead us not into temptation

– Ask God to protect us from sin. So that as I serve my community I can do it to honor God, and love others.

Day 7 – But deliver us from evil

-Ask that God would break and hinder every evil plot of the devil on this trip to bring people to deeper faith through my service and to grow my faith along the way. Pray that God would keep us spiritually and physically safe.