The Hidden Treasure/Pearl of Great Price

Sunday, August 22 – This week, we transition from parables of unimaginable grace to the unimaginable kingdom of God in the here and now. We learn of the tremendous value of the Kingdom of God, the world put right, not just in eternity, but right now. It’s worth is greater than all of our accumulated earthly possessions. Money cannot buy happiness, and it certainly cannot buy joy. But giving up all for the kingdom of God brings unspeakable joy!

The Mustard Seed and Leaven

Sunday, August 29 – This week, Jesus teaches us about the mystery of the current hiddenness of the kingdom of God. The mustard seed, as the kingdom, is sown. What grows and results from this sowing is far larger than the seed would seem to be capable of producing. Similarly, the yeast is hidden in the flour, until all of the flour is impacted by it at the right time. The kingdom of heaven is hidden now, but still at great work!

The Tenants

Sunday, September 5 – In this parable we hear of a landowner who establishes an amazing vineyard. He traveled to another country, entrusting the care of his vineyard to tenants. Our Father has entrusted us with the gospel, and the stewardship of the gifts of the kingdom. When he returns, will he find us struggling to hang on to the kingdoms we have built for ourselves, or gladly ready to receive him and show him how we have cared for what is his.

The Workers in the Vineyard

Sunday, September 12 – This week we return to the vineyard theme, but now we look at how the landowner gives the same pay to workers who worked all day, part of the day, and only a brief time. Regardless of the time invested in the kingdom of God, the reward is the same. Those who have lived a lifetime receive the same salvation as those who come to faith moments before death. Is that fair, equal, or an act of extravagant grace?