Series Introduction

Stories captivate listeners, and carry their attention through plot twists, compelling characters, and poignant lessons. Jesus was a master storyteller, and his parables have allowed two thousand years of hearers the opportunity to learn eternal truths by engaging the imagination to understand the unimaginable. The parables of Jesus span from life, grace, the kingdom now, and the kingdom to come. These stories will capture our attention, awaken insight, and move us to share the stories of God’s work in our lives.

Imagine the Unimaginable Life

The Lamp Under a Bushel

Sunday, May 30 – The parable of the Lamp Under a Bushel illuminates for us Jesus teaching that we are the light of the World. As he himself is the light of the world, we are a reflection of that light, shining into our homes, places of work, and neighborhoods. If he is shining his light into our lives, but we hide that light in an attempt to fit in with the world around us, his light does not reach where he intends. But, if we imagine the unimaginable life, and boldly let our light shine before others, the light of Jesus will shine and glorify the Father.

The Pharisee and the Tax Collector

Sunday, June 6 – The parable of the Pharisee and the Tax Collector compares and contrast two very different approaches to prayer. One is boastful, relying on his accolades to impress God and those who see him. The other is humble, admitting his sinfulness and seeking the mercy of God. Imagining the unimaginable life is not about clinging to our greatness, truly inimaginable life results when God hears the prayers of one who humbly repents.

The Persistent Widow

Sunday, June 13 – The Parable of the Persistent Widow drives home the teaching of Jesus that our prayers should be never-ending. We are to pray without ceasing. Prayer is not a one-and-done event. God promises to hear and respond to our prayers. The unimaginable life results when God is faithful to answer our prayers, even if his answer is better than the thing for which we ask.