The season of Lent begins this Wednesday.  It is a time to remember the sacrifice of our Savior and see again what an awesome and amazing God we have. There is an old tradition of sacrificing something in Lent to remember what Jesus has done.  The Lord has called each of us to play a role in His kingdom and He has shared an inspiring vision for us all – a vision that will require sacrifices of our time, our talents and our treasures. Here is our request: Ask God how you can be a part of His work at St. Luke’s during Lent through a sacrificial offering over and above your regular giving.

You have been faithful in your giving. For eight years in a row, we have ended with more contributions than expenses. Your response to God’s call in your life continues to bless St. Luke’s.

The culture of our country continues to change and we take that into account as we prepare for the next year.  We know that the Gospel needs to reach so many more in our communities and abroad. We have a plan that gets our congregation out into the community living the Jesus Adventure and inviting all people to join us on the journey.

Live The Jesus Adventure. We are worshipping. We are studying.  We are building relationships. We are sharing the stories of how God is working in our lives. We are growing on the Journey of Generosity. It’s time to go!  Taking the Gospel from this place at 2021 W SR 426 into the streets, our neighborhoods and our workplaces in 2021.

The season of Lent is a time for us to see again how much God loves us by the sacrifice of His Son. As our church prepares to do ministry for the year ahead, we ask that you pray and consider increasing your offering as a way to demonstrate your thanks to Him.  Join us on a 6-week challenge to double your personal offering to support and grow our ministry vision through the Jesus Adventure. If you’re not able to do the double challenge, please consider an increase that fits your situation for the next six weeks during our Lenten Sacrifice – Easter Celebration.  We pray that through your offerings, we can continue to grow ministry in Oviedo and throughout the world.

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