This year Call Day took place on April 23rd and we are pleased to receive Vicar Edward Krez from Milwaukee, WI.  Every April on Call Day, we find out from seminary who our new vicar will be come mid-July.  After serving a year vicarage, vicar returns to seminary for a final year of fine tuning before being called to pastor at their first church.

Eddie will be installed at St. Luke’s on Sunday, July 21st & 22nd. We look forward to having you at St. Luke’s, Eddie!  Please enjoy his letter:

Hi! My name is Eddie Krez and I am 23 years old from Milwaukee, WI! I have been so incredibly blessed by God to be led to Concordia Seminary and God willing to the vocation of pastor after my time here. I am deeply passionate about the relationships with others both inside the church and with those in the surrounding community in sharing the Gospel and
making disciples who make disciples. I find so much joy in meeting new people, hearing their stories of faith, how Christ has transformed their life and boldly talk about how salvation that has been given unto them!
I’m passionate about connecting with our youth, teaching them the joys of the Gospel, and how to navigate the modern world we live in as a young Christian. Along with this, I am passionate about being apart of both fellowship and faith based activities within the church and strongly value building relationships with church beyond Sunday morning worship! For me, with all of the churches that I have been blessed to be apart of, they have always felt like family to me, and I’m so delighted to hopefully be apart of your church family and contribute wherever I can in sharing the unconditional love of Christ in all things. My favorite Bible verse in relationship with this is 1st Corinthians 12:12 in which Paul talks about how we are all one body in Christ with many different members. Seeing others apply the gifts God has given to them inspires my faith greatly and is a loving reminder about the beauty of community within the church.
In my spare time, I enjoy playing basketball, hiking, listening to music outside, and finding new restaurants to try out! Thank you for taking the time to read all of this and may God bless your
congregation and continue to sustain it with Christ’s abundant love and favor.
In Christ Alone,
Eddie Krez