Series Introduction

The whole creation declares the glory of God. At the cross the pinnacle of God’s glory is revealed in Jesus’ sacrificial love for us. As enters Jerusalem for the final time before his crucifixion the crowds declare his praise and if they did not the stones themselves would cry out. “Blessed is the King who comes in the name of the Lord!” And what a King he is! He establishes peace in heaven between us and our God. We receive the glory he earned for us.

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This Changes Everything

April 17 – Change is something that excites the soul of some and drives fear into the hearts of others. Some people have dreams of changing the world, but God has dreams of bringing transformation to our individual lives. The book of Acts allows us to see how the lives of the apostles were changed by the resurrection. This Easter season, Jesus calls us to experience his resurrection as well, and he invites us to let that miraculous event bring us transformed lives. You cannot encounter the Savior who burst from death to life without being impacted. 

From Silence to Witness

April 24 – The world around us speaks a message that in many ways contradicts the message of the Gospel. We struggle today with pressure to hold our tongue, to put our light under a bushel for fear of what the response might be. Peter and the other Apostles were doing many signs and wonders, resulting in the jealous Sadducees putting them in prison to slow the growth of the number of believers. But an angel of the Lord set them free to continue teaching in Jesus’ name. Today, Jesus calls us to see that his resurrection changes everything. He calls us to follow him, not the world, to freely spread the good news.

From Adversary to Ally

May 1 – Saul, breathing threats and murder against the disciples of the Lord, encountered Jesus, and his entire life changed. Once an adversary of the Church, he was transformed into the greatest missionary for the Gospel. What do we have in our past that blinds us to see the truth of how the resurrection impacts our lives? Where do we work against the Kingdom of God? When Jesus opens our eyes to the truth of the resurrection, it changes everything and we are called to a life that sees and understands the new purpose he has for each of us.

From Selfish to Selfless

May 8 – Paul knows that imprisonment and afflictions await him, and this means that he will not see the Ephesians again. He is willing to face his future, and encourages the Ephesians to get ready for struggles of their own. When we are persecuted for our faith, how do we respond? When we hear various teachings, can we discern the truth of the Gospel? When we hear Jesus’ words that it is better to give than to receive, it changes everything and we are called to give it all we have to help the weak.

From Outside to Inside

May 15 – Peter saw the Holy Spirit fall on the Gentiles just like it did to the Jews at Pentecost.  God was widening his net to collect all people to him in repentance that leads to life.  Because of this, we too are captured by God’s grace.  We have been made clean and declared uncommon!  God’s grace and his Kingdom are not for those born to the right families, from the right neighborhoods, or even from the right nation.  God desires all of humanity to come to repentance and know him.  We hear this and it changes everything, for though we were once on the outside looking in, now we are on the inside looking out for others that they might hear, believe, repent and live! Resurrection: This Changes Everything – From Outside to Inside

From Closed Hearts to Open Hearts

May 22 – Paul made his way to Philippi and on the Sabbath went to a place of prayer and spoke to some women. Lydia, a successful business woman, heard Paul’s words and her heart was opened by God and she and her household were baptized. Renewal sometimes comes from the unexpected for the unexpected. Jesus reaches out to all kinds of people and his resurrection changes everything, from a worshiper of God to a follower of Jesus. Our own hearts can be closed to the Gospel due to our own worldly success. But the word of the resurrection opens our heart to the power of life in Christ. Resurrection: This Changes Everything – From Closed Hearts to Open Hearts

From Follower to Leader

May 29 – The apostles were curious if this was the time that Jesus would restore the kingdom to Israel. Jesus promised to send the Holy Spirit to empower their witness to all the earth. We often wonder if now might be the time for Jesus’ return, not to restore the kingdom to Israel, but to once and for all put the world right in the fullness of the Kingdom of God. But now is the time to remember we have been filled with the Holy Spirit to continue carrying his Gospel to every corner of our homes, places of work, and neighborhoods. Resurrection: This Changes Everything – From a Follower to a Leader

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