It was put upon my heart to help needy senior citizens, after doing some research, I found a group of 15 Serenity Seniors (as I call them) whose only income is their Social Security Check. After paying their apartment rent, they have anywhere from $10 to $30 left from that monthly check. They do receive a small amount of Food Stamps; however the Food Stamp Program will not allow any purchase of hygiene items or cleaning supplies. With the help of St. Lukes’ and individual donors, the Serenity Seniors have been able to receive items such as toilet paper, toothpaste, paper towels, deodorant, shampoo, conditioner, body soap, laundry detergent, spray cleaner, hand soap, hand sanitizers and other like items. The amount that each Senior receives is truly dependent on the donations that are received each month. I praise God for St. Luke’s as they have been so faithful to contribute each and every month in order that basic needs for Serenity Seniors are met. Treats such as cookies, candy, some food items are given as they are received from donors. I found that when a senior gets an increase in their Social Security Check, then the exact amount of the increase is deducted from their Food Stamp Allotment. For a person with only $10 to $30 left after paying rent, that is, as one resident said “a lot of money”. 

Thank you to St. Lukes' and each individual donor that has given the Serenity Seniors not only the purchases they truly need but for the gift of Hope and the knowledge that someone cares.