What a great time we had at Roar VBS this year! We learned that Life is Wild but God is Good! Follow along on our journey from each day and be sure to check on our events page for next years VBS and other future activities for the whole family! 

Day 1

Life is unfair…God is good! Sometimes it’s hard to see the good in unfair times. It’s normal to feel defeated and even to want to give up when life’s unfair. The Israelites probably wanted to give up many times when they were slaves in Egypt. But if we hold on and put our focus on God, God can help us see the good and totally change our attitudes. 

Day 2

When life is scary…God is Good! Most of us have different levels of fears. Some fears don’t stop us in our tracks, and then there are some so frightening that we don’t know where to turn. We’ve all experienced times in our lives we were so scared that we didn’t know what to do. Life can get crazy really fast! Like he had for the people of Israel, God has a plan for you, too, and wants to show you his goodness, even in the midst of the frightening darkness of uncertainty.

Day 3

When life changes…God is Good! Change is difficult for everyone. Whether we’re changing where we live, who we hang out with, or even the kind of toothpaste we use, change can be uncomfortable. God always keeps his promises. Even though the Israelites were afraid to change and wished they were back in Egypt instead of free and heading toward a beautiful land, God remained faithful to them.

Day 4

When life is sad…God is good! good! It can be hard to imagine any kind of good coming out of sad circumstances, but God can bring good out of anything. We’ll all be sad from time to time, but God has put so many people and comforting things around us to help us get back up when we’re knocked down. God loves us through our sad times and knows everything that weighs on our hearts. We can talk to God and know He is listening.

Day 5

When life is good…God is good! We’ve talked a lot this week about how God is good through hard times in our lives. We might think of inviting God into our harder times because we need his help, but we can also invite God into the good times! God loves to see you smile, hear you laugh, and watch you be joyful.

We’ve trekked through life’s wildest times at Roar. We learned that no matter what happens to us—sad or scary—God is still good. Whether we’re worried about change or we’re experiencing something completely unfair, God is still good. We also learned that it may seem more natural to turn to God when things aren’t going well, but God wants to be a part of our good times, too. God wants to celebrate with us because when life is good…God is good! Roar VBS was an amazing adventure!