Welcome to all of our new members!  These families have become a part of the Lord’s family at St. Luke’s so that they can hear God’s Word, grow in faith with this Christian family in Oviedo, and receive the Lord’s blessings through the Word, Baptism and Holy Communion.  


Erick & Heidi A
Lana B
Kristin  & Zack B
Alexandra & Malcolm C
Jennifer C
James & Kayla C
Kristal & Scott E
Lonny G
Adam & Jessica H
Carl & Diane H
Renita K
Donna & Richard K
Lynnette & Timothy K
Jennah L
John & Lisa Marie M
Carter & Kelly M
Sarah & Scott M
Terry N
Belinda & Jared N
Marcia P
Chris & Don P
Ethel P
Ashley S
Linda S
Regina S
Peggy S
David & Jaclyn T
Katy & Randall W
Barbara W