When was the last time you were struck with a sense of awe and wonder; when you stood wide-eyed and speechless; where WOW! was the only way to describe it? Maybe it was hearing a phenomenal music performance. Or seeing a grand vista of creation. Or the feeling of holding a newborn in your arms. Such experiences are expanded when they are shared with others. We can’t wait to tell what we have seen and heard and felt. In Witness the Wonder we stand on the edge of God’s greatness and peer into the miracle of his love for us. And having witnessed the wonder of Jesus we will bear witness in our lives. This is Epiphany: Witness the Wonder

Witness the Wonder of the Son of God

Sunday, January 9 – Israel was in expectation, wondering if John the Baptist might be the Messiah. John took the opportunity to witness to the fact that he was not the Messiah, that the one to come was far greater than he. When Jesus approached the waters to be baptized by John, the heavens opened, and the Father himself witnessed to the true identity of Jesus, his very Son. Today, we are invited to witness the wonder of the Son of God. And in turn, we are compelled to share that witness with others.

Witness the Wonder of the Life of the Party

Sunday, January 16 – At a wedding feast in Cana, Jesus’ mother finds out that the wine has all been consumed. She hurries to tell Jesus to do something about it. Even though Jesus says that his time has not yet come, he saves the day with his first miracle, turning water into wine. Today, we are called to witness this wondrous event, and we discover that Jesus is not only the life of the party, but he brings the party to life. We are also called to bear witness to how the power of Jesus has brought us to life, now and everlasting. And he certainly has saved the best for last.

Witness the Wonder of Being Chosen

Sunday, January 23 – Returning to his hometown, Jesus begins to read from the prophet Isaiah, fulfilling the prophecy contained within. We witness the wonder of Jesus’ spiritual anointing to proclaim good news to the poor. But we also see with wonder the total rejection of those who watched Jesus grow up. We are called to witness the special purpose for which Jesus was sent to earth. We pray that our hearts are open to hear, receive, and believe his Word, as we are called to bear witness to him, even in the face of rejection.

Witness the Wonder of His Miracles

Sunday, January 30 – Jesus travels to Capernaum, and there we witness the total power and authority of Jesus, over the spiritual realm and the physical realm. There are battles waging all around us, all the time. We marvel at the wonder of Jesus to be our constant victor, bringing his healing and salvation to our bodies and souls. We are called to bear witness to this power and authority to a hurting world in need of his healing.

Witness the Wonder of His Call

Sunday, February 6 – Our military has a high calling for the best of the best. Men and women are pushed to become elite Seals, Rangers, or Delta Force, just to name a few. When Jesus begins his ministry, he is looking for a select few. But he does not find them in the halls of the temple, but on the shores of the sea, washing their nets. We witness the wonder of the miraculous catch and the call of regular guys to become Jesus’ disciples and fishers of men. We give our testimony today of how Jesus has called us, too, to become fisher of men.

Witness the Wonder of His Blessings

Sunday, February 13 – Today, we witness the wonder of Jesus’ strange teaching that the blessings of God are for the poor, the hungry, the weak, and the hated. God loves to turn our understanding upside down. In the midst of our daily challenges and struggles, there is hope indeed. The blessings of God are at hand! We are called today to celebrate with joyful anticipation the blessings that await us.

Witness the Wonder of His Radical Love

Sunday, February 20 – What happens when “love one another” means loving your enemy? How is that even possible? Today, we witness the wonder of Jesus’ teaching that we are to love our enemies, and even more than that, do good things for them – expecting nothing in return! We can do this, because we see that this is exactly how Jesus shares his love with us. While we were yet sinners, Jesus came and died for us! That enables us to bear witness to his great love by extending our love to all those around us.

Witness the Wonder of His Glory

Sunday. February 27 – Until Jesus returns, there is no closer glimpse of God’s glory than the radiant Jesus on Transfiguration Day! The glory of God was so bright and overwhelming, the encounter was so wonderful, that the disciples present wanted to stay there forever. But while we are called to witness this incredible sight, we are not called to bask in it just yet. That time will come. But for now, we are called down off that mountain to witness and declare the praises of him who will one day return!