April 2021 Update:  We are continuing to watch as Florida and Seminole County update their mandates.  We thank the Lord that the number of deaths continues to decline and especially thankful that more of you are able to return to in-person worship.

May 2021 Update:  As you all know, we are adjusting to the constantly changing environment regarding Covid-19. With the changes in regulations, we are evaluating what is appropriate for our worship services while still caring for the health of those around us.
Quite some time ago, we created metrics to consider cases in our community, vaccinations of our staff and the community, and positivity rates. After prayerful consideration, we will wait until the end of the school year to begin making any changes to our worship environment.
We are anticipating the start of some changes. These changes may include a return to normal seating, availability of coffee, and more. To protect those who are unvaccinated, which includes the children in our facility, we will encourage face coverings. 

  • Return to normal seating
  • Fellowship Hour on Sunday mornings
  • Sports leagues return
May 14, 2021 Update
We thank the Lord that the number of people infected by Covid continues to decline.  Since the CDC has issued new guidance for those who are vaccinated, we will no longer ask vaccinated individuals to wear a face covering.  With the updates to policies, we are looking forward to a return to normal seating, availability of coffee, and more in the coming weeks.  As always in these moments, we ask you to continue sharing Christ as you demonstrate love for your neighbor.
  • Generations Worship Family Activities
  • Weekday Bible studies resume
  • Youth activities  resume with necessary precautions
  • Strategic return to other scheduled events and activities
  • School Opens
  • Faith Milestones – Begins Online
  • Griefshare – Starts Wednesday, September 2
  • Cleaning procedures between services will continue.
  • Communion will resume on regularly scheduled Sundays
    • Our Pastors and assistants will be wearing gloves and masks.
    • Communion assistants and clergy will be trying not to make contact with members.
      • Wafers will be “dropped” rather than placed into your hands.
      • Cups will be placed on the communion rail.  Please do not touch the rail if at all possible as you pick it up.
    • Sanctuary communion will be with the continuous flow style.  We will have two stations and ask that you observe social distancing as you make your way to the altar.
    • Founders’ Hall Communion will be a single continuous flow.  Please observe social distancing as you make your way to the altar.
  • Generations Worship is held at 9:30 am Sundays
  • Increased worship attendance levels to 50% capacity.  Continue to follow social distancing guidelines.
  • Church library reopens.
  • Small group Bible studies can begin and must follow social distancing guidelines (Limit at 50% of room capacity)
  • VBS has been cancelled for this summer.  🙁
    • Worship
      • Online worship is still available and recommended for all people in higher risk groups
      • Sanctuary worship will take place at 8, 9:30 and 11am.  Seating will be limited with a total capacity of 250 persons.  Rows for seating will be designated.
      • Founders’ Hall worship will take place at 9:30 and 11am.  Seating will be limited with a total capacity of 125 persons
      • An online sign up will take place for each worship service to help others know when limits are reached.  A sign up will be available beginning Tuesday of each week to help manage our capacity at each service.
      • No communion at this time
      • Guests are reminded to practice social distancing and are encouraged to wear face coverings
      • Hand sanitizer will be available
      • Pews and chairs are cleaned after each service.
      • No bulletin, screens only
      • Offering plates will be available at the doors
      • No nursery is available
      • No Sunday school, Bible studies or coffee hour
      • Guests will be directed to exit after worship to avoid congregating
      • Monday evening worship will be held in the sanctuary on June 1 at 7pm.
    • The church office is now open
      • Drop off/pick up of material (offering, etc) is available from 8am to 4 pm
      • Meetings with pastors will be by appointment only
      • Small group meetings (under 10) can take place as long as social distancing guidelines can be observed
  • Online only:

    • Worship

    • Bible Studies

    • Daily Devotions

    • Pastors Live! from St. Luke’s

  • Telephone and video meetings/appointments only

St. Luke’s Lutheran Church and School will continue to read and evaluate Federal, State and Local guidelines.  We wish to be a good steward of all that the Lord has given us. We will continue to do our best as time moves forward to keep us safe while living in the love, grace, and Good news of salvation in Jesus Christ