The 2019 Latvia Mission team sets off on Thursday, July 4th for Frankfurt, Germany and then Riga, Latvia. Pastor Schuschke will be joining the team from Germany.

The trip to Latvia, is a big commitment and requires much advance planning and preparation. Our 2019 Latvia Mission team is made up of individuals who have a variety of skills, interests and experience with the common link being a strong commitment to Christ and a servant heart. The camp draws many children from the community who are excited to learn English from Americans. This provides us with a great opportunity to develop relationships and tell them about the love of Jesus.

The English Camp starts next Monday at Sloka Lutheran Church! Please pray for safe travels and that God would bless their work. Also, pray for the 100+ children and volunteers, who will be attending the camp and hearing about Christ’s love for them.

Follow along on their journey here and on the St. Luke’s app.

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