To help us keep the Christmas Spirit alive ALL year, here’s an inspiring story of patience, courage, and generosity that we heard about through Redeeming Life Outreach Ministries (RLOM).  RLOM is a maternity home in Sanford, FL for women that have chosen life and joy despite the world’s many challenges.  

It was Christmas Eve and a few very brave moms and their bundles of joy were waking from a cozy slumber. They heard a commotion and went to see what’s the matter and saw wrapped packages under the tree! Stockings were stuffed and hung with care for each baby in the house, including the awaited. The moms were astounded, who would do such a kind thing?  A group of people at St. Luke’s who love you because of Christ’s love for you.”! It’s true! 

The moms had never had an experience and a show of Christian love in that way. Some of our moms had difficulty comprehending why a group of people would come together and take time out of their lives during one of the busiest times of the year to buy Christmas gifts for women and babies they had never met. This gave Program Director Deaconess Alex Shick, an opportunity to teach Christian love and the works that flow out of the Christian because of the gratitude in their hearts for all Christ has done for them.  Alex asked one of our moms what she got for Christmas and she responded “I literally got everything on my list and more! It was like they knew me!”.  One of the moms requested a bike and it was gifted by the Bike’s for Best Ministry run by Raegan Eastlick.

The group of people that fulfilled the moms gift requests were members of the Johnson Catalyst Small Group.  A Catalyst Small Group is 6-15 church members that support each other on their Jesus Adventure through Bible study, prayer, and community outreach.  Despite some health setbacks in the year, the group remained united, but hadn’t picked their annual service project.  In early November they met with Pastor Sam Shick for dinner and a discussion on the Holy Spirit. A week later Pastor Sam realized there was a need for Christmas gifts at RLOM where his wife, Alex, works.  When the group had the green light to fulfill their service project at RLOM, their hearts exploded with love to give the moms and their babies their Christmas gift requests!  

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