I got to sit down with Steve Lehenbauer, St. Luke’s Chief Administrative Officer, and here’s what he had to say:
What do you do as our CAO?
 As the Chief Administrative Officer, I get to help keep this place running.  While the Pastors and worship departments cover the spiritual events, I get to help make sure everything else like maintenance, technology, church office, and communications are all flowing smoothly.  All of these different areas support worship services and our many ministries.

Where are you from?I was born in Bowling Green, Ohio (Northwest) where dad was pastor of a country church.  I went to college in Ohio for a few years and finished at Concordia College in Nebraska where I met my wife Becky.  We married in 1985 and learned to do ministry.  We both became teachers in Fort Wayne, Indiana for nine years. We moved to Davenport, Iowa where I was involved in Youth and Family Ministry.  We moved to Oviedo in 2000 and I started working at St. Lukes as the Director of Technology.  I’ve had a few different roles at St. Lukes.  We have three children and now two grandchildren; Becky is the nanny to our granddaughter.

When were you aware of the Holy Spirit?
I never had the momentous change from not knowing Jesus to knowing Jesus.  I was baptized when I was 8 days old.  I was always aware of the Holy Spirit since I was a small child because my parents were so solid in their faith.
How is God using you in our community? 
Because of my position, I have an opportunity to interact with so many different community ministries.  From the Lutheran Haven, Boy Scouts, Hope Helps, Samaritan Resource Center, and Disaster Relief Ministry; where we go out and help people clean up after hurricanes and storms.  It’s what I love  to do in my free time, use a chainsaw and cut things up, fix things, help out.  I’m excited to use the gifts I’ve been given and share my love for St. Luke’s.  It’s the way I see the first century church working; where there’s a need, you go help.   While you help them, you have an opportunity to share why you’re helping them; because of the blessings we’ve been given, that allow us to help others.  
What are some of your favorite family traditions?
Summer camping trips were a yearly time away in a different location, experiencing something new together.  (Yellowstone & Rocky Mountain National Park are the farthest they’ve ventured!)
Night In Bethlehem where we’ve all had an opportunity to volunteer over the years. (A Night in Bethlehem is local tradition, an experiential event that takes you back in time on a live walk through Jesus’ life and resurrection. Mark your calendars for the 2023 season: December 9th and 10th)
What are some of your greatest blessings?
My 35+ years in church ministry continue to bring me in contact with tremendous people.  It’s been a blessing to see the struggles that people have come through with the help of Jesus, to help people in need, and constantly be reminded of how God is working has been nothing short of amazing.
St. Luke’s is a place where you can get help and where our members are able to give help.
-Steve Lehenbauer

Written by Nicole Furniss, Communications/Digital Media Associate, nfurniss@sllcs.org

Picture of Steve and his beautiful family.