You may live until 125, but today is still a good day to make an estate plan!

St. Luke’s is providing its members, attendees and school families the Transfer the Blessings Ministry FREE of charge and obligation (There will never be any obligation to include St. Luke’s in your estate plan) for we believe is our responsibility to encourage you to grow in your love and walk with the Lord through generosity. Therefore, we encourage you to create an estate plan that carries out the desires the Lord has put in your heart.

Pastor Arp has a vision. A vision for assisting church members and school families with their final estate plans. It has been his desire to make this often daunting process easier for you and your loved ones both before and after the Lord has called you home to heaven. 

TTB utilizes the power of a written plan. The LCMS Foundation calls it the Lifetime Plan for Giving process (LPFG). Our trained in-house Associate Planning Counselor, Doug Taylor (who is a St. Luke’s member), will assist you with the creation of an estate plan that maximizes your options while helping you reduce legal costs and taxes when you implement it with your attorney. Counselors guide you in asking the right questions, gather documents and information and provide you with educated suggestions as you work through the process. The goal is to prepare you for your appointment with your estate attorney so legal implementation of your plan moves faster and costs less. 

There is no cost for the TTB ministry services we provide. Also, you have no obligation to leave a legacy gift to St. Luke’s. Our ministry was established to bless you and your family.

More Frequently Asked Questions

It has been estimated that when someone dies, more than 200 major decisions need to be made within a three week period. An estate plan helps take a huge burden off of your spouse and loved ones.  Whether you know it or not, the State of Florida already has an estate plan ready for your loved ones to use upon your death. It’s called Probate Court. With a few simple steps through TTB, we can help them (and you) completely avoid Probate.

  • Because you desire to ensure your loved ones and favorite charities are cared for after the Lord calls you home to Heaven.
  • Because you know that having a plan is good Christian stewardship.
  • Because you wish to be certain your lifelong generosity goals will continue after you are in Heaven.
  • Because St. Luke’s is offering this ministry at no charge or obligation to you.

Creating an estate plan offers several benefits. First, the opportunity to practice true generosity and Christian stewardship as a joyful response to what the Lord has done for you. Second, it allows you to make the very best gifts to family and ministry. You can rest assured knowing your wishes will be honored and your earthly assets will be passed on in a way that adheres to your desires and is helpful to those people and organizations you hold most dear. Finally, our expert gift planning counselors show you how to make best use of tax laws and wealth transfer principles to maximize what you share with others and minimize what is eaten up in taxes and probate fees.

We have partnered with the gift planning division of the LCMS Foundation. To find out more click here:  LCMS Foundation